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Laura J Lukitsch

Story Consultation for Artist Statements and Proposals, in English
Many artists chose to become an artist to express themselves in a way words cannot. So when the time comes to write a proposal, the process of writing can be painful and full of stress.
As a story consultant, I have developed a method for helping artists find words to describe their work in a way that not only interests others but helps them reconnect with their original inspiration. I specialize in helping artists write compelling artist statements that feel authentic. In addition, I help with project descriptions and proposal writing.
I also assist artists to create video that captures their work and their ideas, providing story guidance before filming and during the edit. I have 15+ years of experience as a documentary filmmaker and video editor and producer for artists and international companies and non-profits.

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Die Kosten für eine Coachingstunde betragen 30 Euro (One hour coaching = 30 Euros).

Sollten Sie für eine umfassendere Betreuung eine Doppelstunde benötigen (Kosten = 50 Euro), begründen Sie dies bitte zuvor etwas ausführlicher in der Anmeldung.
If there is a need for a double lesson  (costs = 50 Euros) please let us know the details in the application form in advance.

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